Happy Mother's Day

I hope that every Mom has a happy Mother's Day. Mom's should really be celebrated and appreciated every day, not just on this one day that's marked on the calendar. My Mom has always been my strength. She definitely leads by example. When we were growing up (my brother and I) she was a business owner. But even with her long hours, our house was spotless and she still cooked dinner every night. She gave equal time to family and her business. Mom would pick us up from school, after working all day. She'd put on the TV (Oprah and Soul Train were our shows of choice). My brother and I would have a snack and watch our shows. Mom would take a quick nap on the couch before Dad came home from work.

It Turns Out, Dad Was Right

When I was growing up, my Dad always said, “actions speak louder than words.” Meaning, that it didn’t matter what people say they’re going to do, it matters what is done. It came up a lot for me in my younger years. I would promise my parents that I’d clean my room, or do my homework, or practice piano, or whatever. If I said I would do something, but then didn’t get around to doing it, Dad would point it out to me. I’d have a million excuses why, but they wouldn’t matter because I didn’t do what I said I would do. When I was younger, I just thought it was an annoying parent thing. I’d respond with an eye-roll and a tormented huff. Of course, it would happen again. The lesson wasn’t really l

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