Do you ever feel that your not living to your full potential?


Do you feel that you're not living the life you envisioned?


Do you ever feel like you aren't acknowledged in your career or that you'd like to change careers?

Life is full of vital decisions, big changes, and life challenges that often seem too great to overcome alone. These forks in the road can leave you feeling isolated, unfulfilled, disconnected, and unsure of the next step…


Coaching is a powerful process of communication, identification, and problem solving. It should be a co-creative relationship; A thought-provoking and transformative process that will empower you to maximize your personal and professional potential.


As a certified coach, my expertise lies in helping you navigate personal, and professional transitions, discover your deeper purpose, and reconnecting you to the people and life that you love. 

Coaching available in Single sessions or group coaching 

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Workshops are one of my favorite formats for growth and total-transformation. Many of us know the value of one-on-one coaching, yoga, good nutrition, and other common self care practices, but we tend to forget the benefit of proximal learning and exploration. 


I offer group coaching sessions and weekend workshops as an opportunity to dive deeper into the tools and techniques I teach to create momentum and long-lasting, positive change in your life. 


There is added power in COMMUNITY. If you’ve been doing “the work” on your own for a while, your next step is a workshop. Surrounding yourself with high-vibe people who are in pursuit of similar goals is going to provide next level accountability, motivation, and inspiration. As the saying goes, “If you want to run fast, run alone. But if you want to run far, run together.” 



Available for speaking engagements and coaching workshops.

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Yoga Classes

I am a 200hr RYT (soon to be 500hr RYT) and owner of Heart and Light Yoga in Hermitage, TN. Teaching and practicing yoga has been her passion for many years. 

Dawn is a free spirit by nature. She is always seeking knowledge and loves a good challenge. She is known by many as Snow White because of her love of nature and any kind of animal.  As a yoga teacher and life coach, Dawn has an ability to see people where they are and hold space for them to grow into their greatness. She will create a safe space to explore and expand what you can do on your mat.


Sunday 9:30am

Heart and Light Yoga

Tuesday 6:45pm 

Heart and Light Yoga

Thursday 6:45pm

Heart and Light Yoga


Friday 4:30pm

Heart and Light Yoga

Saturday 8:00am

Heart of Wisdom Yoga

Private sessions available.

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