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Can you see me?

If you’re on social media, then you may have noticed that Facebook and Instagram continue to alter their algorithm. In an instant, businesses that normally have a large reach, suddenly can barely get to 100 views. Individuals will notice a difference too. Their once full news feed now only features posts from the same few friends.

Posts will begin showing up asking you to like or comment so that the person or business can remain visible. It’s a mad dash by social media managers to stay seen and keep the high number of views. The more eyes the better.

We spend so much time worrying about how we’re perceived on social media that we forget to actually be present and live life. We want to control the narrative of how we’re seen by posting the perfect selfie, the endless happy posts…our highlight reel so to speak.

That may leave us feeling empty and alone and quite frankly exhausted from having to keep up the charade.

All of this got me thinking…we all want to be visible or really seen. Many people can go through their lives feeling as though they’ve never truly been seen.

Maybe it’s because you wear a mask to hide your true authentic self. Maybe that’s driven by fear. Maybe it’s driven by the need to fit-in. Maybe you don’t realize you’re even doing it.

Often, we’re so busy with our lives that we never stop and look someone in the eye and wait for an answer when we say “hi, how are you?” We never stop worrying about all the thoughts in our head to really give our full attention to the person across from us.

Funny thing is that while social media makes us work hard to remain visible, our constant screen time is what has isolated many people from real social interaction. Face-to-face conversations that allow us to really be seen, not just with eyes but with hearts as well.

It can be scary to really be seen for who you are…. flaws and all. To face the world with no pretending. With no story. With no expectations.

But oh, how freeing that would be….to be seen and appreciated for who you really are deep down. Your true authentic self. No masks, no games, no pretending, just the pure unaltered you!

It’s scary and exciting to think about! How nice would it be to really see someone and have that person in return, really see you?

So, after you’ve updated your social accounts to be sure that all your posts will still be seen and liked by everyone in your friends list, maybe take a moment and spend some time really seeing someone. Maybe a friend or family member or neighbor. Maybe even a stranger.

Instead of paying for someone’s coffee in line at the coffee shop, pay it forward today by looking someone in the eye and really caring how they are. Have a conversation with someone and learn something new about them. Hold space for someone who needs to speak without you joining into the conversation, but rather just quietly listening to their words. Look people in the eye when you’re walking down the street…and maybe even smile.

Being noticed. Having someone smile at you. Maybe even a quick hello can brighten someone’s day.

I challenge you to put your phone away for a day (maybe even two!)

and really notice the people around you. Really see them and be grateful for them.

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